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STA Diploma/CFTe Level II || Solved Past Exam papers

One of the problems faced by candidates attempting the STA Diploma / CFTe Level II examination is that the expectations are not clearly defined ( eg: how to write the chart analysis report , what format is expected? ) . This is especially true for candidates who sit for the CFTe Level II exam as a private candidate as opposed to those who have attended preparatory courses from their respective societies.

Market Wizards LLP visualized the problem and we are here to help!

We offer mock answers to the past year examination papers ( Chart Analysis Only ). The mock answers are carefully written by our trainer who has attempted the examination and passed with DISTINCTION grade. Our trainer is a Full Member of the Society of Technical Analysts UK ( MSTA ) as well as Certified Financial Technician ( CFTe ) accredited by IFTA.Candidates sitting for the CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) examination accredited by the IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysis) may purchase Solved Past Years Papers to assist your exam preparation from here.

There are two sets of Solved Past Year Papers at US$29.9 per set. Each set consists of 3 papers. Once payment is made, please allow up to 48 hours (due to time difference)  for the papers to be e-mailed to your e-mail address.

CFTe II – Solved Past Year Paper Set 1 (US$29.9) – 2008 Autumn, 2009 Spring & Autumn






CFTe II – Solved Past Year Paper Set 2 (US$29.9) – 2010 Autumn, 2011 Spring & Autumn






What you may expect from this packet :
1. Index chart and Share chart annotations complete with trendlines, support and resistance, chart patterns ( if any ), Fibonacci ( where applicable ), divergence on indicators, entry/exit/stop loss…etc.

2. Index analysis report and Share analysis report

Terms of use :
1. There is no absolute right answer or wrong answer as it is a matter for interpretation. What is important is a clearly and rationally argued case, whatever conclusion is drawn. This is the basis of what the packet is intended to offer.

2. Not every charts will be annotated, only those being used and/or relevant to the analysis will be annotated.

3. Due to the fact that electronic contents can be copied and retained as soon as access is granted. Therefore, no cancellation and/or refund can be given.

4. Although it is the belief of Market Wizards LLP that the packet will enhance the success rate of the examination, we cannot gaurantee such an outcome.

5. The papers are sold on ‘as is’ basis, no further coaching or consultation will be provided.

6. These are past years papers and they are not the current year(s) papers.

7. The materials downloaded remain the property of Market Wizards LLP. No distribution is allowed.

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